How do I transfer a room I own to someone?

If you have claimed ownership of a room, but want to give it to someone else - or want someone else to give the ownership of a room they own to you, the room needs to be unclaimed, and then claimed again by the new owner. 

It's easiest that you do this sitting next to each other, or while you're in an room.

For the person who owns the room: 
1. Go into a room and be logged in with your account
2. Click the profile picture in the top right corner 
3. Click "Rooms" and find the room in the list
4. Click the X next to the room and confirm that you want to unclaim it. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to unclaim the room by clicking the green check mark.  

**Please note: You can only remove a room if you have at least two rooms. If you have only one room and would like to remove it, you would need to delete your user account or claim another room to remain a registered user with  

 5. Make the person taking over the room go into it, and click the "Claim" button that should now appear in the top bar (they may have to refresh the page after you completed the unclaim process)

The new person will then be the owner of the room, and can click "Settings" to upgrade it to premium if they so wish. 

Did you know that owners can also add members of the room, if you are using it as a team room? You can read more about this feature here

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