How premium increases quality and stability

Our free version is based on a peer-to-peer model, where all video and audio is sent directly between each participant. This can give very good quality in 1:1 conversations, but with more than a few participants quality can start to suffer. With peer to peer connections, each user is sending data to each of the participants in the room. With more participants in a room connections, can become more vulnerable to disruption. Additionally, one weak internet connection can sometimes cause a negative  impact on all participants in the room.

Premium rooms run on a different server infrastructure (we like to call Server Boost), which routes videos through our global network of servers. Instead of sending your video and audio directly to everybody, it’s sent once to the server which then distributes it to the other participants. 

This way we reduce the amount of data being sent back and forth, which again leads to better quality, less CPU-use (hooray for battery time) and the possibility of more participants. By relieving some of that technical weight through connections you get to enjoy a conversation and collaboration with your team more effectively!  

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