How do I invite people to talk?

One of our principles for is simplicity. What's more simple than clicking on a link and entering a room to collaborate with your colleagues or chat with your friends? 

There are two ways to invite someone into an room from the Web, the first is to click Invite through Facebook button and the second is to use Copy Link.

To use the Facebook Messenger Invite button (will only show when you are the only visitor in the room):

1. Go into the room that you would like to invite someone to

2. Click "Invite Friends"

3. You may have to log into Facebook if you have not done so already from the browser. will set up the link for your room, you will just need to choose a Facebook Friend to send it to (note: you will need to type in their Facebook display name) and then customize your message and you are all set! 

To use the copy link button:

1. Go into the room that you would like to invite someone to

2. On the right side of the screen click on the green "Copy Link" button or even simply the address in the URL bar at the top of your browser. 

3. Paste this link into an email, instant message, calendar invite, or any other means by which you would like to share it with your friend (for our Slack users check out our  integration).

Happy Collaborating! 

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