What does it mean to claim a room?

When you claim a room, you take ownership of it by creating a user in appear.in. As a room owner, you get certain privileges:

  • You can customize the room by setting a custom background image
  • Only the room owner and members can lock a room
  • If you as the owner leave the room locked, the room will remain locked when it is empty. People who try to enter it will then have to knock.
  • You can give membership to other people, which lets them lock & unlock the room, enter the room when it is locked, and kick or block non-members.
  • You can kick people out of the room
  • You can block anyone from your room
  • With the iPhone or Android app, you can receive notifications when someone enters your room, knocks, or types a chat message.

To claim a room, start a conversation from our  home page!

1. Enter your desired room name and click start. 

2. If you can enter the room and if it is unclaimed you will see a "Claim this room option" (If not, the room has already been claimed and you will need to choose a new name).

To claim, you will need to Log In if you already own another appear.in room or Sign Up if you are new to the appear.in family! This way we can remember your owned rooms, favorite rooms, and most importantly have an awesome profile pic! (Don't worry, we won't make you have to remember another password.) We will send you a one time log in code good for five minutes to either your e-mail address or phone number you enter.   

*If you are using a private computer you can allow your browser cache to remember you for the next time you come to appear.in so you don't have to re-login. If you use a shared computer we suggest signing out when you finish your conversation.  

Congratulations! Those daily stand ups just got a little easier! 😄

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