Who can use appear.in? Which devices are supported?

The goal is that is should be easy to invite anyone to appear.in - people you invite do not need to register or have an account in appear.in to join your conversation! It is possible to join an appear.in room from both a computer (Mac, Windows, Linux) and mobile devices (iOS, Android)

Desktop computers: appear.in is built using WebRTC, a new web standard for real-time communication in browsers, which is currently only supported in newer versions of ChromeFirefoxOpera and Vivaldi

appear.in supports the  two latest versions of these browsers, so if it doesn't work, try updating your browser (you can check your browser for updates typically under Settings>About). For the time being, you will not be able to use it in other browsers.

Safari and Microsoft Edge are currently in the experimental stage with limited support through our product. As WebRTC support was recently released in both systems our team is working hard to test them out to work through any bugs before we roll out general support for all feature sets of appear.in. For more information on what is supported in the newest version of Safari currently, check out our FAQ here

iPhone/iPad: For iOS download our iOS app

Android phones/tablets: You can enter appear.in rooms directly in the browser if you use ChromeFirefox or Opera for Android. If you are a regular user of appear.in, and want to receive push notifications, we recommend downloading our Android app

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