How do I lock my room?

In the top bar, to the right, you will see a button saying "Lock room". When you click this, it turns red and says "Room locked". When the room is locked, no new participants can enter unless they knock and are let in by the owner or a member of the room.

When someone tries to enter a locked room, they will see a screen saying the room is locked, asking them to knock on the room. When someone knocks on the room, the owner or members in the room will see a message from the person knocking and can choose to let them in or reject them. If they are not ready to let the person knocking in, they can put them on hold, and then let them in later. The person waiting will then be notified that they have been put on hold. 

If you want to keep a room locked permanently, even when you are not there you will need to own the room. As a room owner you can add others as members of the room so they can enter the room when it is locked as well. 

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