How to upgrade to premium

☝️Quick Tip: The option to upgrade to premium is currently only available from the web browser. If you are an iOS user you will want to log in on your computer via a supported browser to perform the upgrade. 

1. Enter the room you want to upgrade, or create a new room from

2. Click "Claim" in the top bar, if you don't already own the room

2. Click "Settings" in top menu, and then click " Upgrade

4. Enter credit card details

5. If you have a coupon: Click "I have a coupon" 

6. Click "Complete purchase" and the room with refresh to activate the new features

7. Once the room is upgraded, you will see a yellow crown icon next to the room name in the top left corner of the screen, and your crown as owner will also be yellow.

You should receive a confirmation email with details of your payment and welcome to premium e-mail from our team!  Now you can enjoy the power of premium for your team meetings. 

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