Which features are included in PRO?

Our  Pricing page is always up-to-date with the content of our plans. 

The following features are currently included in the appear.in PRO: 

  • Room size control: Allows for up to 12 people in a room with up to 720p video, and handles video traffic more efficiently, reducing CPU usage.  More technical details on that can be found in our FAQ article here
  • P2P mode: Allows for up to 4 people in a room with up to 720p video
  • Branding of your room with a custom logo and background image, both inside of the room and on the Knock page of locked rooms
  • Presenter Screen Sharing: Keep the presenter video feed active while screen sharing AND automatic super-sizing of the shared screen for everyone in the room
  • Member Permissions: Give other trusted users the ability to:
    • Lock/Unlock the room, and let knocking users in
    • Enter the room while it's Locked
    • Customize Room Settings

We're continuously updating and upgrading our PRO experience, so check back for new features as they are released! 

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