How do I cancel a PRO subscription?

You can cancel an PRO subscription at any time without penalty. Note that you are paying for the full month of service in advance, and when you cancel your account will continue to have PRO features for the remainder of the month you have paid for. 

How to cancel an PRO subscription

  1. Go to and Log in if you aren't already
  2. Click your profile avatar in the top menu to go to your account management page Click the three dots next to your subscription listing to show your subscription options

  3. Confirm that you want to cancel
  4. An end date will now be set for your subscription, 30 days after the date of your last payment
  5. If you change your mind after cancelling and want to avoid losing PRO features, you can go back to the Subscription page anytime before your end date and choose to reactivate the subscription if need be

Annual Subscribers: 

Under your "My Account section" you will see an option to cancel your annual subscription or update it to renew monthly. 


If you change to a monthly plan you will not be charged on a monthly basis until your next billing date. As you have prepaid for the year, your year subscription will need to run out first before it updates to a monthly subscription. 

To cancel choose "Cancel subscription". Your subscription will show as cancelled but your PRO features will remain active until the last date of your subscription which will show on the "Valid Until" section. Your subscription will not be automatically renewed unless it is reactivated. 


When you downgrade your account to the free version you will be limited to one room name. You will need to choose this room name before your next renewal date or the system will default to choosing the oldest room for you: 

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