Does work with Slack?

Slack is a tool for team communication. Quite a few users have requested a way to quickly escalate the chat conversation from a Slack channel to a video conversation in an room.

We have worked with the Slack team to make an official integration for this! Go the  service integration page and add integration for your team to get going:

When the integration has been added, members of your team can type:


to create a room and broadcast it in the current channel. The room name will be randomly generated (just as on the front page).

If you want to invite people to a specific room, simply type the room name after /appear:

/appear your-room-name

The invitation in the channel will look like this: 


How to set as the default calling app in Slack

You can also choose to have the  call button in Slack trigger rooms

  1. Open "Team Settings" in your Slack account (you need to be owner or admin)
  2. Scroll down to "Calls", click "Expand"
  3. Make sure the box next to Enable calling in Slack is checked.
  4. Select your from the drop-down menu. If the app isn't listed, make sure it's installed for your team (if not, go here and install it).
  5. Click Save.

Pressing the call button in the top right corner will now launch an link in that channel or PM, and the room will open in a new window that you can position next to Slack. For more fun conversations, you can react with stickers. 

Love the integration? There is more in the works! Stay tuned! :)

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