How do I unblock notifications in the browser?

If you blocked notifications by mistake, here's how to unblock them:

In Chrome:

In the top left corner, click the green padlock icon to trigger the permissions menu.

Then select the "Block" menu element, and change to "Always allow on this site".

A prompt to reload the page will appear. Reload the page and you should be able to receive desktop notifications from activity in rooms.

In Firefox

Click the permission menu by clicking the blinking red camera.

Click the X next to "Block" to remove the blocking. To enable notifications, try adding a room to favorites or mute/unmute one of your own rooms to trigger the browser dialogue.

In Opera

Open "Preferences":

Select "Websites" and scroll down until you find "Notifications" - then click "Manage exceptions": 

Change the dropdown for to "Allow" if it is set to "Deny": 

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