How do I edit my Profile Information and Picture

You can edit your Profile Information by logging in to your account, and going to From this screen, you can update things like your profile picture, your Display name, and your login email!

Change Your Profile Picture

1. Open up the Profile area 

2. Click on the Upload button to upload a file from your computer for your profile image. If you want to remove an existing image click on the Reset button.

3. You will see a preview of what your new profile picture will look like after the image uploads. Click the Save button if everything looks good, or click Cancel if you'd like to use a different picture

Change Your Account Details

Below your profile picture are your account details. In order from top to bottom, they are your Display Name, your Phone Number, and your Login Email. Below, these are explained in detail:

Display Name: This is the name that shows beneath your video feed in a room. You can change this by clicking in the field and then Saving the change

Login Email: This is the email you use to log in to You can change this by clicking in the field and replacing it with the new email. Then you can confirm it with the code we send you! 

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