Can I use with Safari yet?

In April of 2017, Apple announced the upcoming support for WebRTC in the Safari 11 release. That time has arrived! 🎉

What do I need to know?

If you haven't done so already, make sure your Safari browser has updated to the newest version. This version will now support WebRTC (our technical backbone) so you can enter an room from Safari* if that is your preferred browser. 

Are there any limitations or bugs? 

Yes, like all new product updates there will be a few bugs that can show up here in there. When the announcement was made in April our team worked diligently with the Safari Tech Preview version to make the user experience match those in Chrome and Firefox. However, when software is made generally available there can be a few differences in it compared to its preview counterpart that can cause some bugs. If you are having trouble, feel free to shoot us a screenshot of the issue, with your exact Safari build version (under your About tab) to our support e-mail: 

*Limitations in the Safari experience: 

Screen sharing is not currently available in Safari. 

Also, Safari does not currently support the video codec, VP8. Because the server infrastructure delivering video for calls in premium rooms relies on VP8 for video routing, we will not be able to support video for premium room users in this first Safari release. However, since the free version of rooms use a peer to peer connection, these will work as expected in Safari browser. We have encouraged Apple to add support for the VP8 codec as well, but until they do, premium rooms for Safari users will have an audio-only experience in, as they will not be able to send or receive video, or screen share.

What about iOS 11? Can I use Safari on my phone? 

Our team is currently working on a Progressive Web App environment for both iOS and Android users so they will be able to use directly from the Safari and Chrome browsers on their mobile devices without having to install a dedicated app. This project is still ongoing and will be released soon. To stay up to date with our feature releases follow us on  TwitterFacebookInstagram or sign up for our Newsletter.

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