What are the minimum network speeds needed to use appear.in?

Appear.in is fully built on a WebRTC framework which utilizes a peer to peer connection and MESH networking. With those types of connections audio and video data streams are sent directly between the user devices. This can be a more efficient way to send data for smaller groups but relies heavily on an adequate internet connection and minimal latency. Additionally, the more users that participate in the conversation, the more network speed will need to be available for each user. If one user experiences low speed or high latency then the whole call may be effected. 

We do not currently have a way to measure exactly what the quality of the connection is between each of the callers but we can recommend some average network speeds that are suggested for WebRTC products like ours! It's good to keep in mind, as a general rule, the higher your internet speeds the better quality of video and audio you will receive.


For a one to one person chat the recommended connection speeds* needed are 2.0 Mbps outbound and 2.5 Mbps inbound or higher.

For a conversation including 4 participants speeds of at least 3.2 Mbps outbound and 3.2 Mbps inbound are required. Due to the way peer to peer connections are designed, the more participants you add to the call the higher bandwidth you will need. 


For latency, you will want to make sure you are experiencing less than 100 ms on your network, up to 400 ms is acceptable but your best experience will occur with less. You can check your latency by running a Ping test or TraceRoute.

* Connection speeds are estimated based on a general average from a variety a networks using the WebRTC technology, so results may vary based on your network. We recommend working with your network administrator to ensure the right access (firewalls allowance) and speeds are set up for your machine to access appear.in. 

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