How do I get 12 people in my PRO room?


If you haven't changed your Room Size yet, your PRO room will automatically start off as a Small room. You can switch it if you're expecting more than 4 people in your room for the meeting. After changing the room size, your room will remain in the same state the next time you enter your room.

An additional thing to note is that using the Large room doesn't offer significant benefits in performance when there are 4 or less participants in the room, and can even hurt performance in some cases. If you're having a small meeting, we still recommend using the Small room.

The Large room is designed to make meetings more efficient with how much bandwidth and battery you're using. This is made possible by our in-house media servers, which process and distribute the video/audio feeds so your computer doesn't have to! All PRO rooms come with room size control, and the size can be changed by room owners and Members using the Room size button:

This opens up a box with more information about the different sizes, where you can select the size of the room you want. When you're done, click Update.

When you change your room size, everyone's page will automatically refresh and they'll re-enter the room.

More about Room Size

The Small room, which is the only size with a FREE account, reliably supports up to 4 people. This size uses a peer-to-peer model, where all video and audio is sent directly between each of the participants. This can give very good quality in 1:1 calls, but does not scale to more than a few participants before quality can start to suffer (especially for more than 3 users in a room). This size is also more susceptible to quality issues from participants having a poor network connection or experiencing high latency with their internet. This can affect the quality for everyone in the room. 
The Large room uses a different server infrastructure, which routes videos through a global network of servers. This makes it possible to support larger groups in a conversation, and also reduces the CPU load of encoding and decoding videos.  While both room types do still require an adequate internet connection, the Large room handles the bandwidth you use to send and receive video more efficiently once you add more people to the room. 

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