How does the new limit of 1 room in FREE affect me as an existing user?

On November 29th, 2017 we introduced some changes to our product plans. The FREE plan in now allows registered users to claim one room, while PRO allows 10 claimed rooms. Read more about the changes on our blog. If you'd like to claim a new room as a FREE user, you'll need to first delete the room from your account so you can claim the new one.

You can now delete rooms directly from the  home page after logging in to your account! After logging in, you can delete rooms by clicking the X next to the room in the list "Your rooms". 

In addition to this, all existing FREE users with more than one room will be asked to release all but one of their rooms by May 1st, 2018. If you are affected, you will receive an email.

This is part of the limits that were introduced in November 2017, but we needed a formal process to handle this so users would have the option to select the room they'd like to keep. If you have more than one room that you'd like to keep, you can keep it by upgrading the PRO!

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