My PRO account was canceled! Are my rooms OK, and can I still get PRO features back?

Why was my account canceled?

After three failed payments on your PRO plan, we automatically cancel your PRO subscription and downgrade your account to a FREE account. After this happens, you'll receive an email letting you know of the change, and prompting you to select one room that you'd like to keep with your FREE account.  This prompt is also shown in your room while you're logged in.

If this selection isn't made within 30 days, we'll automatically select the first room you claimed to keep with your FREE account, and the rest of the rooms will be released back into the open room pool. 

If you don't want to keep your PRO subscription, simply select the room you want to keep and click the Keep this room button. This will take you through a series of confirmations which you can see below.

My account was canceled by mistake and I'd like to keep PRO

If you'd like to keep your PRO subscription active, you can simply click the Upgrade to PRO button. If your billing details are still valid, we'll re-use them so all you have to do is confirm the upgrade!

If your billing details are out of date, you'll need to first Update them before you can restart your account. To update your billing info, see this article on updating billing info

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