How to share a Google Docs file in

Please note that this feature is experimental at this time and not available for all users. We are going through the process of refining and improving it before it's full release

With the new Google Doc integration you can share and collaborate on any of your Google Docs files!

Getting Started

To use the new Google Docs integration, click on the Google Docs icon in the bottom toolbar

This will bring up a window that talks a little more about the feature, and also has a space where you can paste the link to the file you want to share with the rest of the room.

All you need to do to bring your file into the room is copy the sharing link from Google, and paste it here! This will automatically enlarge the view for everyone in the room so they can view and collaborate on the file! When you're done sharing, you can click the X in the top right corner of the file view and the room will go back to normal.

There are a few things you need to note when you share your file with the users in your room:

1. Users must have permissions to access the document for them to see it in the room. The best way to think about this is the user would need to be able to go to the link you paste in the integration box. You can give users access to the document through the sharing menu in Google Drive, and you can read more about this here.

2. If you're sharing a Google Slides presentation, the Present mode will not work with the integration. To get the maximum size you can collapse the top toolbar, but note that you can't hide the slide pane to the left of the main slide. As an alternative, you can use the Screen Share tool to share your entire screen, and then present the slides from a separate Google Slides tab.

3. If any users have an ad blocker or pop-up blocker we recommend turning them off on the domain, as these extensions can block the integration from working properly. We don't put ads in our rooms whether they're FREE or PRO, so you won't see them either way :).


Below are some examples of what the integration will look like when you're in the room.

Google Slides

Google Sheets

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