About appear.in

Why we made appear.in

We built appear.in because we wanted a fast, straightforward way for remote teams to stay connected and collaborate. Unlike most video conferencing applications, appear.in doesn't require any downloads or logins to join a video chat, so it's ideal for quick interactions with people even if they've never heard of appear.in! 

Another way that we're different from most is that appear.in meeting rooms are permanent links that you can go to at any time. Instead of creating a one time "meeting link", you can schedule a video meeting like you would schedule a normal in-person meeting. Think of an appear.in room as a virtual office. You can invite people into your room by sharing your room URL, and they can join your room by pasting the link into any supported browser!

The appear.in plans compared

At the moment there are two types of plans with appear.in: FREE, and PRO. These plans apply features to rooms that you've Created on your account, so anyone in those rooms can access and benefit from the higher tiered plan. Read below for more details:


The FREE plan allows you to register for an account with your email, and Create one room for your own private use. This gives you up to 4 participants in your room, and unlimited screen sharing! The FREE plan also allows the room owner to Lock their room, which prevents other users from joining without the owner letting them in. Need room for more than 4 participants, or more features like Customization and Recording? Check out our PRO features below.


The PRO plan is designed for both personal and business use for up to 12 participants in a meeting room. It extends the features that are offered in the FREE version of appear.in, and also adds many useful features on top of the FREE plan. PRO users are able to customize their room to add their own branding images like a logo and background. They can assign Members of their rooms, which allows the Member to enter while the room is Locked, and let in other Knocking users (this is a great way to share a PRO subscription on a team). PRO users also get access to other great features for collaboration, like the Recording add-on and the Trello integration!

Local Language Support

At the moment appear.in is only supported in English, but if you write in using your native language we'll use the power of internet translating apps to do our best to understand the issue! We'd love to add more languages, but at the moment our small team doesn't have the bandwidth to support multiple languages and interfaces. It is a goal of ours as we grow!

Compliance and Privacy

As a service, appear.in stores very little data on our users which keeps our system light weight and efficient and keeps a lot of our users compliant. Check out our information on compliance, including GDPR and how to access your data in our privacy section here

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