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To do any profile or data management, you need to be signed in to your account. All profile and data management happens from the Profile pages, so all of the instructions below will start from Your screen will look like this:

Profile Management

Change your Profile Picture

Open up the Profile area at
Click on the Upload button to upload a file from your computer for your profile image. If you want to remove an existing image click on the Reset button.
You will see a preview of what your new profile picture will look like after the image uploads. Click the Save button if everything looks good, or click Cancel if you'd like to use a different picture

Change your Profile Details

Beneath your profile picture are your account details. In order from top to bottom, they are your Display Name and your Login Email. These have been explained in detail below:

Display Name: This is the name that shows beneath your video feed when you're in a room. You can change this by clicking in the field and then Saving the change

Login Email: This is the email you use to log in to You can change this by clicking in the field and replacing it with the new email. We'll send a confirmation code to the email you typed in, and to confirm the change the code needs to be entered in the popup.

Data Management

Export All of Your Data

Per GDPR regulations, we allow all registered users the ability to export and download all user data that we have stored in our servers. This is exported in JSON format, and can be used in any way you see fit once downloaded.

Start at the Profile Page
From here click on Privacy in the left menu
Select the Your Data tab, and click Download

Manage Email Consents

Per GDPR guidelines, we have built in a way for you to manage your consents for the various types of emails we send our users. You can manage these consents from your Profile page!

Start by at the Profile page
Click on Privacy in the left menu
Click on the Consents tab

From this screen you can manage the type of emails that you want to receive from us, or the type of data that you're OK with us using to improve the experience!

Delete All of Your Data

At the moment there isn't a way to delete your account/data from within the Android or iOS apps, so this will need to be done on your computer.

Start by logging in to your account and going to
From here, click on your profile picture and username in the top right hand corner to go to your profile page.  Alternatively you can go directly to if you're already logged in. 
From the Profile page, click the Delete profile button to confirm your account deletion. This will delete all user and account data, and will remove you from any mailing lists 

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