What is appear.in PRO?

About the PRO plan

We built the PRO plan for individual, professional users that need support to hold larger meetings with more participants. In addition to this, we included a larger feature set such as branding options to customize your room, and some quality of life upgrades that enhance the features that are already available in the FREE plan. The PRO plan is suitable for individual users that want enhanced features, or for small groups or teams that don't need a corporate account or advanced user management features. 

If you're a large company, the upcoming Business plan may be a better option for you. This plan will include more user controls and a larger number of rooms you can own, so it's perfect for large organizations!

PRO Features

More Participants & Room Size Control

The FREE plan can support up to 4 participants in a room, while the PRO plan supports up to 12 participants in a room at a time. We can extend the participant limit in PRO rooms thanks to a central media server that handles the majority of the video processing, which means less CPU and battery usage! This makes the PRO plan better suited for group calls, especially on mobile devices. However if you still have meetings with less than 4 users, you can still take advantage of the lightweight and easy peer to peer mode thanks to Room Size Control!

The Small room can reliably support up to 4 people, and is actually the same technology that we use in the FREE plan. The main reason for these restrictions is because the Small size is based on a peer-to-peer system, where all video and audio is sent directly between each of the participants. This can give very good quality in 1:1 calls, but does not scale to more than a few participants before quality can start to suffer (especially for more than 3 users in a room). This model is also more susceptible to quality issues from participants having a poor network connection or experiencing high latency with their internet. This situation can even effect the quality for everyone in the room. 
The Large room uses a different server infrastructure which routes videos through a global network of servers, and is available in all PRO rooms. This makes it possible to support larger groups in a conversation - currently up to 12 - and also reduces the CPU load of encoding and decoding videos.  While both sizes still require an adequate internet connection, the Large room handles the bandwidth you use to send and receive video more efficiently once you add more people to the room. 
To find out how to switch to a Large room, check out instructions  here.


Branding of rooms

The PRO plan gives you the ability to add branding to your room with a custom logo, background image, and Knock Page that welcomes people when the room is Locked. This is a great way to extend your brand if you're using appear.in to talk to customers! 

Enhanced Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is one of the most used features in appear.in. With FREE accounts, the shared screen will replace your video feed. With a PRO account, people will see both your shared screen and your video, making for a more professional presentation! In addition to this, PRO screen sharing supports a resolution of up to 1080p, so you can be sure your guests will see your screen with clarity.

Room Members (Admins)

The Membership feature lets you assign other registered appear.in users as admins of your room (even if they have a FREE account). This will let those users access your room and features without you present, and is a great way to share a PRO account on a small team! When a user is a Member of a room they, have the following abilities for that room:

  • Lock and Unlock that room
  • Enter that room while it's Locked
  • Kick users from the room
  • Receive notifications for the room when other users enter (with iOS app)

Additional Features

10 Upgraded Rooms per Account
Automatic Full-screen for Shared Screens
Widescreen Video

Billing Options

The PRO plan can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis, and is automatically billed by credit or debit card. The full term of your service is billed at the start of your billing period, so if you cancel before your period renews you'll still have access to the PRO features that you paid for. 

The monthly option is $9.99/month, and the annual option is $99.99/year

How to Upgrade to appear.in PRO

There are many places where you can upgrade your account to PRO, but the easiest way is as follows:

Start by logging in to your appear.in account from our  Log in page.
Go to the  Subscription page. Here you should see an Upgrade to appear.in PRO button.
Click the button to start the upgrade process. The first thing you need to do is select the plan you want. Click Continue once you've made your selection. Not sure if you want to commit to a full year? Start with a month to month plan and upgrade to annual any time in the future. 
On the next screen enter your billing details. We require at least a billing email (where we send your invoices), and a Country Location for tax purposes. If you have additional details you want to add like a billing name or VAT number, click the Add VAT number and billing address button. Click Continue once you've set the details up.
Enter your credit card details for payment. We use Stripe for our payment processor, so we can accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. For more details on supported cards click  here. If you have a coupon code keep it handy, you can enter it on the next screen.
 On the final billing page you can review your order and billing details. Additionally, click the "I have a coupon button" if you need to enter in coupon code. Once everything is set correctly, click the Pay button to complete your order.
When your upgrade is confirmed, you will see a payment complete notification and receive a confirmation e-mail for the upgrade! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of PRO.
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