Notifications will let you know when someone enters or wants to enter your room, and can be set up on your browser or iOS device. We'll make sure you never miss a visitor again! Our notifications for Chrome and Firefox don't require an extension, so there's no need to clutter up your browser with more extensions. 

Enable Notifications 

The first time you enter an room you've Created, you'll be asked if you want to turn on notifications for the room. Click Enable to turn them on.

When you choose to enable notifications, you will be asked for confirmation from your browser.

Once you allow notifications you will be notified whenever a user knocks or enters your room. You will need to have your browser open to receive the notifications but do not need to be in your room or on the website. 


We do not send notifications if you have your room on an active browser tab. We do this because we don't want to interrupt a meeting in progress, so we assume the room is in use if the tab is active

Confirm Notification Settings

If you do not receive a prompt to allow notifications when you enter a room that you own. It may be that you have already dismissed or blocked notifications on your browser. To check this, follow the steps below:


1. Navigate to your browser's settings page (you can type in chrome://settings/ in your URL bar)

2. Choose Advance settings

3. Under Privacy and Security click Content Settings

4. Choose Notifications

5. If is under the Block section switch it to Allow


  1. Click the menu button Fx57Menu
  2. Choose Preferences
  3. Select Privacy & Security and go down to the Permissions section
  4. Click the Settings button next to Notifications
  5. If is under the Block section switch it to Allow

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