How do I transfer a room to a different account

Transferring a room from one account to another is a two step process, which involves Deleting the room from one account, and then Creating it with the desired account. It's usually easiest to do this sitting next to each other, or while you're in an unrelated room. 

For the account that's Deleting the room:

1. Log in to the account and go to
2. Click the X next to the room that you want to Delete In the "Your rooms" list
3. Confirm that you want to Delete the room to complete the process

For the account that's re-creating the room: 

  1. Log in to the account, and wait for the first account to Delete the room
  2. Go to and use the Create a room button to re-create the room on the new account

This will make the new account the owner of the room. At this point, they'll have full access to the room Settings, and the ability to upgrade it to a PRO Plan if they so wish!

Did you know that PRO subscribers can also add Members to their room, which lets them give other users access to manage their room? You can read more about this feature  here

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