Getting Started with Business

On-boarding your team to a new product is always a daunting task, so we created this guide to walk you through all the items you need to accomplish to ensure a smooth transition to using for Business! The basic checklist is as follows:

1. Setup your for Business account and subdomain

2. Add users to your organization

Setup a Business Account


To create a Business account for your team, go to and enter your business information. When all of your details are set, click Get started to choose your Business plan.


On this screen, select the plan that suits your business needs. We offer 3 different tiers of Business depending on the number of users and rooms that you'll need for your team. All of these plans can be billed either on a monthly basis or an annual basis. See below for details on the plans we have, or check out our pricing page.

In these plans, you have Team rooms that can be used by anyone on your team. Additionally, each User get's their own private room that they can use for private meetings!


After selecting your plan, enter in the Billing Contact information. This is the information that will appear on your invoice, and also the email address where we'll send your invoices!


After you click Save, you'll be taken to the screen where you can enter your Payment method. For all plans besides Enterprise, we can only accept payment by Credit or Debit Card. We use Stripe as our payment processor, so your card needs to be accepted by Stripe to work. After entering your card, you'll be shown a summary of the information as a final check. Click Pay to complete your order.


The last step after completing your order is to set up your own Personal room. This will be your own private room separate from your Team rooms. Type in the name you want and click Create.

After Creating your room you'll be taken to your Business Dashboard. From here you can add additional users, and set up Team rooms!

Add Users to your Account

After setting up your new Business account, you can add the rest of your team so they can create their own personal rooms and access team rooms.


To add new users, go to your Dashboard and click on the Settings link in the top right corner

From this page you can access a number of different options, but you add new users from the Members tab. Click on Invite your team button to add new users. At the moment Business offers two permissions levels, Member and Admin. Members can create their own rooms and enter Team rooms at any time. Administrators are able to invite new users, and remove users from the organization.


After you've entered all the users that you want to invite, click Send invitations. The users will get an email in their inbox letting them know they've been invited, and they can complete the registration at the convenience. For detailed instructions on accepting a Business invitation, see our "Accept an Invite to your Organization" article.

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