Can I Change my Room Name?

We don't have a way that you can edit a room name or URL that you've already Created, but you can Delete the room with the incorrect and Create a new one with the name you want!


If you're a FREE user that's already Created a room, or a PRO user that already has 10 rooms, you'll need to start by deleting at least one of your rooms so you are under your ownership cap. After you're under your room cap, you can Create the room with the correct name.

Change your room name:

1. Navigate to and log in to your account

2. Find the room you want to delete in the list of Your rooms

3. Click on the X next to the room name you would like to remove and confirm that you will like to delete your room

4. After deleting the unwanted room, use the Create a room button to create the new room

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