Set up the Calendar Integration

With our new Calendar integration you can insert room invite links directly into calendar events in Gmail! This is a great way to simplify the joining process for both internal and external invites, and makes using for Business even easier!


If you don't already have the calendar extension installed, you should get a banner notification after logging in to your business domain to let you know about the integration. You can either click the button to go to the Chrome Webstore, or you can click  here if you don't have the banner notification.

After adding the extension to Chrome, you'll see the extension icon in the top right corner of the screen. If you're already logged in to your account, you should be able to use it straight away. However if not you may need to log in to your account through the extension, and this uses the same login code method that we use for your primary login.

You can use this extension to see a list of your rooms as well as your Team rooms. Hovering your cursor over a room name will give you options to Join the room, or to copy the URL to the room. The other great thing that this lets you do is add as a conferencing option in your Google Calendar events! To do this, go to your Google Calendar, and create a new event. You should see the meeting option show next to the conferencing section. Click on this to bring up a list of rooms that you can use, and click on one to add it to the event. Then when you send out your invites, your room link will be included automatically.


If you don't see the meeting option in your event, open the extension and reload the page


The Outlook calendar extension is available in the Outlook Store. Go to the Store, and search for "appear", which should bring up the add-in. Click the Add button to install it to Outlook.

After you have the extension installed, you can access it whenever you're creating an appointment or calendar event! Start by going to your calendar, and click on Add Appointment. In the toolbar you should see a new icon. Click on this to open up the extension, and log in if you haven't already.

After logging in you should see both your Personal rooms, and any Team rooms that have been added to your business account. You can click the Select room button on these to add invite details to your calendar invite so your participants know how to join you for your meeting!

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