Manage Business Rooms

In for Business, there are two different types of rooms: Personal and Team rooms. Personal rooms are your private space to host meetings, because Personal rooms can't be accessed by other users in your organization if you Lock the room. Team rooms are accessible by other users in your organization at any time (even when Locked), but you can still use the Lock feature to stop users outside your organization from joining! 

Setting up Rooms

Personal rooms are set up as part of our registration process, and every user creates a Personal room immediately after they register for their account.

Team rooms can be created by Admins, and you get a maximum number of rooms that you can create based on the version of for Business that you have. You can Create new rooms by going to the Dashboard and clicking on Create a room. From there just type in the room name and click Create!

Customize Rooms

One of the great benefits of Business is that all of your rooms can be customized at the same time to ensure consistent branding within your organization! Only Admins are able to customize rooms, and at the moment there isn't an option to have different branding on a per-room basis.


To customize the rooms, start on the Dashboard and click on the Settings link in the top right corner


From here, click on the Branding tab to show the customization options

Click on the Change link to upload images for each option, or click reset to go back to the default settings. These changes will be applied to all of the rooms in your Business account!

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