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The appear.in Pro Refer-a-Friend Program

Get rewarded for sharing appear.in Pro with your friends and colleagues with the Refer-a-Friend Program! Many of our users enjoy appear.in so much that they want to share the experience with others In the past this was purely done out of good will, but we wanted to have a way to reward loyal customers for spreading the word! 

With this program, you will receive a discount on your monthly membership dues for each and every user that you refer to Pro. At program launch you will receive a $20 credit on your account for each user that signs up for a Pro account through your referral link*. You can get started below. 


Log in to your account and then click here. You should be taken to your subscription page, where you'll also see an option to join the referral program


Click on the Invite & earn $ button, and fill out your details. This is powered through FirstPromoter, our partner for the Referral Program


After registering, you'll be taken to your FirstPromoter dashboard. Here you can generate your referral link which you can share on social media or directly with people you want to refer.


You can track the progress of your referrals by clicking on the various links in the navigation bar, and you can download a summary of the total value of your referral bonuses by clicking on the Rewards tab


You will only receive a referral bonus if you refer a customer that signs up for a Paid Pro subscription. Free users don't contribute discounts to your account. Additionally, if one of your referrals signs up for Pro using a 100% off discount, you won't receive a referral bonus.

Finally, if a user that you referred cancels their account for a refund of Pro charges, the referral bonus will not be applied to your account

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