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Meeting Controls on Android

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Room Lock

We introduced the Room Lock as a way to guarantee that conversations in your room are private, and so that other users can't join mid-meeting and interrupt by accident. We recommend keeping your room Locked at all times after you've Created it, and only Unlocking it if you're expecting a lot of users to join and don't want to have to let each one in.

Lock/Unlock the Room

On Android you can Lock or Unlock your room by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner, and then moving the Lock switch to change the state.

Let in Knocking Users

If you're on the go, you can still Let in Knocking users from your Android device. When someone Knocks you get a notification similar to the one on your computer.

Room Toolbar

On Android, you can access many different controls from the Room Toolbar. This hides automatically so you have more room to see participants, but you can access it by tapping on the screen. From left to right the options are:

  • Open Chat
  • Turn Camera On/Off
  • Turn Microphone On/Off
  • Leave


You can tap on your camera image to swap between your front and back camera

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