Can I watch YouTube videos in

Our team always felt like we were asking each other: "Hey, have you seen that YouTube video where..." Now we have made it easier to watch YouTube videos together with other people in an room. No more sending links via e-mail and chat, just hop in a room and enjoy a video together! 

Just paste a YouTube link in the text chat, and click the "Watch together" link that appears! After you click "Watch Together", the video will then start playing for everyone in the room and all participants will automatically be muted to enjoy the show. 


We are still working to develop this feature so it is in its simplest form right now. With that, you will not see the same functions (pause, rewind) to control the video as you would on YouTube. 

If you think of ways it could work and look differently shoot us an e-mail at! We love getting feedback and hearing new ideas from our users. :)

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