How do I block someone from my room?

Blocking people from your room prevents the person from entering. If he or she happens to be a member of the room, it will also prevent him or her from receiving any messages from the room.  

Room owners and members (PRO feature) can block people from the room. Room owners can block anyone from the room, and members can block anyone except other members or the room owner.  

As a room owner or member:

1. If someone appears in the room that you would like to block:

     a. Hover over the person's video to see the three dots on top of each other in the top right hand corner of their video

     b. Click on the circle with a strike through it.

c. This will immediately kick the person from the room and he or she will no longer be able to enter.

2. If you would like to block a member if you are a room owner, and the member is not in the room at the time:

     a. From inside the room, on the top bar, click on Settings.                                                    

( *Note: If you do not see Settings and you are the room owner or a member, you may not be logged in. If you are logged in and do not see Settings, this means you are not the room owner or a member.)

     b. Locate the name of the person you would like to block at the bottom of the window under Membership.

     c. Next to that name, click on the three dots and select Block.

 d. Click Block.

f. If the member is in the room, he or she will be immediately kicked.  The next time the member attempts to access the room, he or she will see the "You've been blocked from entering this room" message.  

Members who are blocked will not receive any push notification from the browser that they have been blocked.

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