How can I give someone else permanent access to a locked room?

To give someone else access to a locked room you own, you will need to grant membership to the user. Membership is available in PRO. 

When a user is a member of the room they have the following abilities for that room:

  • Enter the room when it is locked
  • Lock or unlock the room when they are inside
  • Kick out or Block others from the room
  • Receive notifications for the room when others enter (with mobile app)

From the browser on the web:

To grant membership you will need to be logged in as the owner of the room and follow these steps:1. Hover your mouse over the video of the person to whom you would like to grant membership.

2. Click on the shield icon labeled "Invite Member".

3. Click "Yes, share the power" on the popup.

The person you are granting membership to will receive a popup on his or her video, and should follow the steps to accept.

Reminder: This means the member can go into the room anytime even when it's locked, even if the room owner is not there.

From iOS: 

To make the selection menu appear to give membership you will need to tap on the video of the participant that needs to become a member. The menu will look slightly different:

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