Can I choose my own background image?

Customizing your room with a background image of your choice is now a feature in PRO

If you are a PRO user and claim a room, you can change the background image and logo both inside the room and on the welcome page for locked rooms.

You can customize the room this by going to "Settings" in the top menu of the room:

This will open the Room Settings window. From here, click the Customize your room option

Here you can upload any image you like. Anyone who visits your room will see your personalized background image.

For best results, use a .jpg file in landscape format, minimum 1400 pixels wide. The image will be scaled to fit different screen sizes, and will be cropped differently depending on the users browser window. Note that we’ll automatically add a dark transparency to the image, this is to ensure that the user interface is readable for everyone.

Please remember to keep those images family friendly! You can read more about that under our  Terms Of Service.

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