I can't see or hear some participants in the conversation, or they can't/hear see me?

For Google Chrome users: There is a known bug with audio in the browser Google Chrome, that sometimes appear which the Chromium and WebRTC teams are working hard to try to fix. First try relaunching Chrome, this should fix the problem in most cases if not, try this work around

For all other browser users: First try a browser restart and then a restart of the entire computer.

If restarting the browser and computer does not solve the problems here's some more troubleshooting steps to take: 

  • Confirming your microphone and camera permissions are correctly assigned in the browser. Steps on how to find those can be found in our FAQ article here
  • Browser update: appear.in currently supports the two most recent versions of major browsers. For example, if your Chrome is older than version 55 you will want to update the browser. Please note, if you are using an older operating system like Microsoft Vista or XP, these are no longer supported by Microsoft or Chrome versions newer than 49. We highly recommend you update your operating system to a supported version. 
  • Some browsers are not able to connect through strict networks/firewalls. Also there may be bugs in the browser causing problems with connection. If you are experiencing this, try switching to another browser. Currently Firefox is not supporting connections through very strict firewalls, so if you are on a corporate network, try to get all participants to use Chrome or Opera. 
  • Check if you have any additional apps running in the background that use your camera or microphone. We often see this with Skype, where it and appear.in cannot run simultaneously because they are both trying to access your communication devices at the same time. If you are unsure if something may be running, you can check your Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac). 
  • Interfering browser extensions: It is not uncommon for some third party extension to cause problems with some websites. To test this, try using your browser through an Incognito tab or Private browsing window. If all works normally then you know that an extension is causing an issue. Unfortunately there is no way to identify which one easily. A process of elimination will need to be done on each extension to fine the one causing the problem.

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