How do I start or join a video chat on mobile?

For iOS dedicated app:

  1. Go to the app. You do not need to sign up to start a conversation but logging in will give you short cuts to your rooms.

  2. Choose create a new room or enter existing room if you are joining a meeting. In the space after enter the room name you want to use. This can be anything, like your name, and our system will let you know if the room name has already been claimed. 

  3. Click enter the room. 
  4. If you would like to invite others to a room after you created it you can click "Cool, let's invite someone" and copy the room link or share it via an SMS message! 

For Progressive web app (Chrome) on Android:

  1. Navigate to on your Chrome browser or to the you may have already created
  2. Type the room name in the white box from our home page.
  3. Once inside the room you can invite others via SMS or copying the URL and pasting it in another social app. Click the icon with the person and plus sign to get started.  

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