How do I add admins to my room? (Membership)

PRO room owners can use the Membership feature to assign other users as admins of their room. Note that the Member feature is only available with PRO.

When a user is a Member of a room they, have the following abilities for that room:

  • Lock and Unlock that room
  • Enter that room while it's Locked
  • Kick or Block other users from the room
  • Receive notifications for the room when other users enter (with iOS app)

How to add a Member to your room

Members can only be added by the Room Owner (i.e. the PRO account owner). To get started, log in to your PRO account, and enter the room you'd like to assign a Member to. Then click on the Settings option in the top tool bar to open up the room settings, and follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the Invite members button

2. Type the email address of the user you'd like to add as a Member. You can click the +Add more link to add additional emails. Once you have all the relevant user emails added, click Send invite

3. The user(s) you invited will get a notification in their inbox asking them to accept the Membership request, and explaining what Members are able to do. They can accept the invite by clicking the Accept invitation link in the email.


We recommend that the user you're inviting is already logged in to their account before clicking the Accept invitation link. In the current build, it's possible that the user will mistakenly create a new account through the invite link which may cause confusion. 

However, if the user you're inviting doesn't have an account, they can create a new account from the invitation link!

4. If everything goes to plan, you'll see the Success screen, and you can start taking advantage of your Membership benefits!


A user that has Membership of a room can enter the room at any time, even if it's Locked. We recommended keeping one of your 10 PRO rooms private by not having any Members in it. This way you can guarantee that someone won't be able to interrupt a meeting!

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