What is a room?

With remote working becoming more popular, why not make a virtual place that is easy for anyone to join? No downloads, just a web address for your browser. And the concept of a virtual room name was born.

To create a room, go to appear.in, type in your desired room name and click "Start":

You can invite others to the room by sharing the URL inside an e-mail, calendar invite or chat. For our distributed teams out there that use Slack we have an integration to use. 

Everyone who clicks the link will enter the room. When your friends have entered the room, it works pretty much like a physical room. All participants in a room can hear and see each other, and no one on the outside can hear and see them.

Claim your own room! 

You can create a room without registering as an appear.in user, but that means when you leave the room, it will be available for anyone else to use. If you want to own a room permanently and have control over it (recommended), you need to become a registered user and claim it. An unclaimed room will have a icon at the top of the room page with a "Claim this room" icon. 

If the "Claim" button is not shown, that means someone else already owns the room and you need to create another room name. 

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