What does it mean to claim a room?

When you claim a room, you take ownership of it by creating a user in appear.in. Our FREE plan gives you one claimed room. 

As a room owner, you get certain privileges:

  • Only the room owner and members can lock a room
  • If you as the owner leave the room locked, the room will remain locked when it is empty. People who try to enter it will then have to knock.
  • You can kick people out of the room
  • You can block anyone from your room
  • With the iPhone or Android app, you can receive notifications when someone enters your room, knocks, or types a chat message.
  • PRO: You can customize the room by setting a custom background image
  • PRO: You can give membership to other people, which lets them lock & unlock the room, enter the room when it is locked, and kick or block non-members.

To claim a room, start a conversation from our home page!

1. Enter your desired room name and click start. Some popular room names will already be taken, so try to find a unique one. 

2. If you can enter the room and if it is unclaimed you will see a "Claim" button (If not, the room has already been claimed and you will need to choose a new name).

During the process of claiming a room, you will also register a user account in appear.in. You can use this to log in across devices, and upgrade to PRO if you want more than one room. 

*If you are using a private computer you can allow your browser cache to remember you for the next time you come to appear.in so you don't have to re-login. If you use a shared computer we suggest signing out when you finish your conversation.  

Congratulations! Those daily meetings just got a little easier! 😄

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