Should I use Wifi or cabled network (ethernet) with

Poor Wifi connections is the biggest source of quality problems in Even if your broadband connection is good, a bad router or web traffic on a shared network may result in a poor connection. If you are in an office environment, the router may be overloaded with many users or competing with other Wifi's. 

For a more stable connection, we recommend using cabled network when available, as this eliminates wifi as a bottleneck, and usually gives better quality. 

It's always good to remember, with using peer to peer connection and MESH networking, it means that each person on the call is sending a video and audio stream to every other person in the call.  Because of this, the amount of bandwidth needed increases as you have more and more people on the call, and is dependent on on the network quality of each person on the call. We do not currently have a way to measure exactly what the quality of the connection is between each of the callers but we hope to be able to provide more insight to users in the future through some in app tool. 

If you feel that you will consistently be using with a bigger group (5+) and some users may have some shaky internet, we recommend premium as a better fit for the room. 

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